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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of making the broken beautiful. In Japan, after smashing a piece of pottery, the fragments are then glued back together using gold. The final product is not only more unique and interesting than the initial one was, but it is literally more valuable too. This is an metaphorical representation of the role of hard times in our lives and in the lives of those we love and serve.

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Content: The Kintsugi workshop begins by framing the activity within the paradigm of Japan's Wabi Sabi: finding beauty in imperfection. This is then briefly seen in the context of the lived experience of two people with bipolar 1, Joshua and Devin. Joshua has had 6 involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations and two arrests. Devin attempted to end his life by jumping off a 3 story building, resulting in him becoming a paraplegic. And yet both Joshua and Devin have experienced "Post-​Traumatic Growth," and both say their lives are better now than they ever were before due to the meaning and purpose they discovered!


A Western parallel is then drawn with Dr. Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, delivered in a one minute beat poetry format. Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth are unpacked, along with ways to nurture them and a framing of the perpective of the big picture. The workshop then transitions to the Kintsugi activity, where Participants are guided through not only the steps involved in creating their own Kintsugi bowl, with the metaphorical implications as well. Participants smash their bowls and strategically glue the pieces back together using gold glue, while the symbolism is contemplated to ambient background music. They then have a chance to share what their experience was like in a final group discussion section.


The Kintsugi Experience can be done with groups as small as 4, and has been done with groups as large as 70.


Customization Options: Every aspect of the workshop is customizable. It can be delivered in the format of content only, experience only, or a customizable balance of the two. The content can also be integrated with any aspects of the other trainings you see on our site.


Educational Training with no hands-on experience: $150 virtually, $250 in-person

Silver Tier: $50 per person

Gold Tier (Premium Version): 

100-200 people: $57.50 per person

50-100 people: $67 per person

20-50 people: $83 per person

10-20 people: $90 per person

<10 people: $115 per person

Workshop can be held in-person, and also online by Zoom.

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