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Neurodiversity Gifts is an impactful, multi-dimensional encounter workshop brought to you by South African Josh and the National Empowerment Center.


It is designed to give people living with mental health conditions a fresh, colorful perspective of their potential, and an expanded view of reality at large.

By combining insights from Western perspectives (science, psychology, and philosophy) with insights from Non-Western perspectives (traditional cultures, spirituality, and mysteries), the goal is to reframe your identity away from self-stigma, towards post-traumatic growth, and the potential gifts of your Neurodiverse mind.

Early bird discount! You can now pre-pay for a license for the complete 12 hour group training for $999 (savings of $200) or you can purchase a 3 hour individual training for $75 (savings of $45) using the coupon code LAUNCH until November 17th. Click here to purchase the group training and here to purchase the individual training!


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