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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of breaking a piece of pottery, and then fusing the pieces back together with gold, so that the finished product is not only more valuable than the original, but is more interesting and unique too. It speaks to post-traumatic growth, resilience, and hope.
This Kintsugi kit comes with everything you need for a transformational exprience. You will be delighted when you open this quality wooden chest to find a smaller one inside, like a Russian Doll. Inside these treasures are the tools you need, as well as a powerful explanation of the process and the symbolism behind it.
Each kit contains: A set of instructions, a large wooden chest, a small wooden chest, a ceramic bowl, gloves, a bag to break the bowl in, 3 paintbrushes, gold powder, two tubes of powerful adhesive, a sticker, a wet wipe, and a little bottle with sunflower seeds, to inspire you to watch growth emerge from your initial destruction.
If you would like to do this experience in a group and have an accompanying dynamic presentation from two people whose lives have embodied the Kintsugi process, please contact us at
May the Inspiration for Transformation begin!

Kintsugi Repair Kit - An Experience of Post-Traumatic Growth Transformation

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