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What if our minds could be a portal to a dimension of life
full of meaning, purpose, and connection?

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Hi! I'm South African Josh and our mission here at Inspired Mind is to ignite Inspiration for Transformation in your life. ​ There is an inner fire that can illuminate not only your own world, but the world around you. And I caught my spark. It wasn't an easy journey to get this fire, that's for sure. It involved going on the Hero's Journey and ultimately discovering that I'm not the hero of my own story. God is. ​ My metamorphosis involved mess as I fell down Alice's rabbit hole into the mystical world of my mind through bipolar 1. It involved six involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations, two arrests, havoc. But the Post-Traumatic Growth, the perspective of the butterfly, that emerged is priceless. Want a taste of the Priceless? Let's go!

Inspiration for Transformation

Discover your Inspiration for Transformation

What They're Saying


Andrea, Canada

"Wow! Your [Neurodiversity Gifts] course is amazing! Your augmented videos and editing are so magical! 
The ink blot art was so fun! I'm going to print mine.
You cover so many important 'bridges' from mental health to neurodiversity in a fun and creative way. I love how your course is you embodying the message, not just words on paper. You are a messenger, and you have so much good news!"

Morgan, San Diego

"The Kintsugi experience was transformative, and we enjoyed incorporating it into our event. The symbolism of repairing brokenness with gold resonated deeply with all of us, and it served as a powerful reminder of resilience, growth, and the beauty in imperfection.


From the bonding moments to the laughter shared, every aspect of the event contributed to a sense of unity and camaraderie among our team.


Thank you once again for an amazing night filled with inspiration, education, and unforgettable memories."


Mira, Connecticut

"[Azlanz Way] was a joyful and hope-filled affirmation of our shared but unique journeys as highly sensitive Truth seekers. A place to feel safe sharing intimate details of our personal journeys. A sense of genuine belonging and encouragement that helps us to persevere against the oppressive status quo of fear-based pathologization, stigmatization, marginalization, and isolation."
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The sky awaits...

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