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Peerspective Life Coaching

There are some lands that you can only properly know if you've been there. A tour brochure will give you a very different experience of a country than a local is able to. The mind is the same way. Life is the same way. While theoretical knowlege is helpful, and incorporated in Peerspective Life Coaching in the deepest possible ways, there is no substitute for lived experience.

Our services pair you one on one with a Coach who has learned how to navigate the heights and abysses that life has sent in their direction. Despite having a mental health diagnosis that is often labeled debilitating, our Coaches live lives of thriving! Each one combines this personal wisdom with cutting edge psychological insight and a mystical connection to the unseen world to bring you a map and a co-pilot to walk alongside you as you adventure through your life. A customized path is created with you in the Captain's seat.


Our sessions can be provided over the phone or Zoom and offer a safe space to explore your inner and outer worlds, with opportunities for goal-accomplishment, symptom reduction, and exploration of meaning and purpose.

Peer + Life Coaching is offered at variable rates according to the requests of our specialists and are not reflective of abilities. Our coaching can be moulded to fit any schedule you may have.

Connect with us now and journey to new heights with a local as your co-pilot. Submit the contact form here to set up your first customized session, explore our resumes, and map out a pathway to a more glorious life!

Onwards and upwards! 🚀

Our Team

Devin Eshelman, diagnosed Bipolar 1, has worked as a Peer Support Specialist since 2008.  His initial bipolar experience was triggered by the stress of university life, including an extreme marijuana addiction. His despair and loneliness resulted in a jump that landed him in a wheelchair as a complete paraplegic. As a result of an inner transformation he has now discovered a meaning, purpose, and vitality beyond what he had ever known before.


Currently he works part time at a crisis house for the Community Research Foundation and speaks for NAMI’s In Our Own Voice Program. He has reached thousands of people with his story of hope and has appeared on local television, on web-based platforms and at in many person events. He demonstrates compassion for others and is a model for transforming illness mindsets to a better wellness perspective.

Rate: $50/hr

Connect with Devin here.

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Raquel facilitates a safe and supportive space where individuals can share their experiences of mania and psychosis. Facilitated by narrative exercises, connoisseur and peer Raquel supports the exploration of the colorful, frenetic, and often creative aspects of mania, while also acknowledging the darker side.


Through storytelling exercises and the development of new skills and strategies, Participants gain a deeper understanding of their condition and find new ways to manage their symptoms.


A published author and certified minister, Raquel brings decades of lived experience to her work, providing guidance and support to help individuals navigate the complex terrain of mental health and substance use. Whether living with mania, psychosis, addiction, or another mental health challenge, Raquel can help people connect with others and build a brighter, more hopeful future.

Rate: $50/hr

Connect with Raquel here.


Joshua Roberts, diagnosed bipolar 1, was born and raised in South Africa. With a BA in Psychology and an MA in Theology, he combines his lived experience with rich educational framings, walking alongside people on their journey with the guide of powerful maps.


He has 15 years' experience in professional mental health, having worked as a Neurofeedback Therapist, Applied Behavioral Analyst, Counselor, Peer Support Specialist for "treatment-resistant" individuals, and as a presenter.


He is a core member of a number of prominent Councils in San Diego and works with NAMI, Interfaith, The National Empowerment Center, and his own company Inspired Mind Mental Health LLC to change the mental health game.


Joshua has presented at many national and international conferences, and reaches thousands each year with his fresh, paradigm-shifting, and empowering frameworks of the synergy between mental health and spirituality. 

Rate: $35 per 30 minute session

Connect with Joshua here.

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