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The word psychology means, "the study of the soul," and yet in some ways it has lost the plot, lost its original mission. Let's get radical with psychology in our generation. 


"Radical" means "rooted," and when we once again root ourselves into something beyond reductionist materialism, we will find our footing on a solid foundation so that we can reach for new heights, and grow delicious existential fruit to share with our community ecosystem.


The fathers of psychology knew we needed to move beyond Western Individualism. Like let's take the Existential-Humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow as one example. The man was deep.


He's well-known for his Hierarchy of Needs theory. Have you heard of it?


It says that human needs present themselves in a pyramid fashion, with base needs like food and safety at the bottom, and needs for self esteem stacked higher up once those base needs have been met.


The peak of his pyramid in most psychology text books is called Self-Actualization, and his theory is often called Maslow's Self-Actualization theory. But that's only half the story.

What's little known is that ol' Maslow, towards the end of his life, added another layer above Self-Actualization at the peak of the pyramid...

Self-Transcendence.  Something larger than ourselves.


Psychology and spirtuality are two sides of the same coin. Mental health and meaning are allies.


In this fleeting life we live, which is like a mist that evaporates with the light of the sun, we have choices. Sure, we can build sand castles on the sand even though we know the tide is going to come in. But let's also learn to surf that tide. Let's also become a drop in the ocean and the ocean in a drop.

With Inspired Mind Mental Health, we are guiding people back to the roots of our psychology, and coming alongside people as they learn to surf the energetical currents that life sends in their direction. 

It's already happening.  In many different spheres. You can explore the transformative aspects we are already engaged in by clicking the colorful boxes at the top of your screen.


And we need you! In South Africa we have the expression "Ubuntu," which means, "I am who I am through other people." We are a beautiful social ecosystem, the hands and feet of the Divine, here to accomplish profound works that have been laid out for us. For such a time as this we were born! But we can't do it alone. Would you care to journey with us? Or at least have a cup of tea? 😊

Feel free to email us on the home page to say hi and share your thoughts.

We're so glad that you're here, so grateful that we're alive at this time and place together.

And as we align, rich adventure lines up too. There's a thrilling new wave on the horizon. Are you ready to ride?

Let's go!


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