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Connecting the Neurodiverse to frameworks that ignite your potential, 

and to others who are "wired slightly differently,"

so that together we can unleash fresh healing and color into our world.

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The Territory Explored

Through online and in-person encounter workshops, you will learn fresh ways of seeing mental health conditions. By combining insights from the Western world (like science, psychology, and philosophy) with insights from the Non-Western world too (like traditional cultures, spirituality, and mysteries), the goal is to empower you to shrink self-stigma, tap into Post-Traumatic Growth, and unpack the potential of your brightly-colored Neurodiverse mind.

Click to learn more about the Neurodiversity and Faith-Based frameworks which are available to you through the Inspired Minds Connect project.

Meaning, Purpose, and Connection

In South Africa there is the expression "Ubuntu," which means "I am who I am through other people."


We need each other, and the Inspired Minds Connect program will connect you to authentic community that continues even beyond the duration of this project!

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