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Company Trainings

Empowering your team with  mind-expanding education is one of the most powerful tools for your success as a company.

The Inspired Mind Mental Health team brings the combination of education, decades of professional experience in the mental health field, and lived experience to the table. We have prepared trainings available for delivery to your team in-person and online.

The following trainings are available, and customized ones can be created for your needs upon request:

  • Crisis De-Escalation

  • Neurodiversity Gifts: A Cultural Competency Meta-Map of Lived Experience

  • Spirituality and Trauma

  • Navigating Resistance to Mental Health Treatment

  • Bipolar: Busting the Myths

  • LGBTQ+ Populations including Spiritual Angles

  • Mental Health and African American Populations

  • Kintsugi: The Art of Bouncing Back

  • The Power of Resilience

  • Post-Traumatic Growth

Email us for our resumes and to inquire further at,

or submit our contact form here.

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