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Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog

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Arrogant Chirp
Part 1 - The Bird Show
Wind Chimes
Drum Beat
Part 2- Awakening
Powerful Wind
Part 3- Tree

Big dog, low branches.


Big shoes no burden.


Broken down is built up beyond what a person can build. “Those who stand tallest are the ones kneeling down to help a child.” Become like a child to experience the Kingdom of Heaven. Open, low, small. In awe.


A canary sputters onto the stage. Chokes. The air of expectations smothers it. The fresh air is honestly, humility, meaning, purpose, connection.



And it takes to flight. Chirping songs of power that can’t be sung from a stage of human construction.


The tree can only carry the fruit if the roots extend far deeper than it is high. Invisible, yet sustained.


Take the lowest seat at the table cos then you might be asked to be moved up.


The backwards West.


Empty is full.

Weak is strong.

Ego dimmed is superpowers radiant.


Howcome birds of a feather don’t always flock together? Cos they’re all too busy on their individualistic grind. Cos they all have to make a canary name for themselves. But beneath the island, beneath the conscious fluttering about of feathers and yellow grandeur is an ocean that’s inhabited. Beneath the ocean, the island is really the bedrock, forgotten. Yet connected.


It’s in not having it figured out that the Tao flows. The current that’s larger than our finite swim strokes. A sick wave that has the power of its own to be stylish. Michelangelo’s David lying dormant in the stone, just waiting for the dross that’s not David to be chipped away at.


Counter-cultural is low. The first will be last and the last will be first.

Counter-cultural is flow. The last will eat first and the first will never get to eat the last like the dog-eat-dog society tells them is the game.


When our eyes stare at our shoes they walk in the direction of pain, not seeing the path the light is showing. But when we raise them up they meet others’ again, illuminating the path of unknowing.


Wanna know the end of every movie and every book before you partake?

Wanna know the end of knowledge before it’s lapped up one humble minute by one humble minute?


He who has the last laugh eats last. And in a grandeur of liberation comes expectations snuff. The stuff of dreams, constructed based on Ubuntu’s mirrored expectations. Humility is the dissolution of the smoke with the wind of nothingness. A simultaneous lifting up while lifting down. Not thinking less about yourself but thinking about yourself less. You’re selfless.


Less is more.


Stream of Consciousness

Audio Clips

Neurodiversity Gifts Awakening Movie Indent

  • Storyboard on right

  • Script

  • ​Shot list 

    • 1. Walk onto screen heading in my right direction.

    • 2. Climb into light bulb

    • 3. Pull switch cord

    • 4. Look around amazed, "Wow"

    • 5. Look back over my left shoulder

    • 6. Sit down content and smile 

  • Equipment procurement 

    • Mic, green screen, Blackmagic cinema 4k camera

  • Location scouting 

    • Home studio

  • Procurement of stock audio/visual on right 


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Thunderlust - Powerful Tribal
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Pray - Anno Domini Beats
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